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We make the process of getting started easy.
At your free trial session, you will

  • meet your trainer
  • get more information about us
  • tell us details about your specific goals
  • get more information about how we will help you achieve your goals
  • engage in a fitness session


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Big Box Gyms Herd People. They Don’t Teach You How to Get and Stay Fit.

What can you expect if you join Fit-Rollie?

  • Customized NSCA certified workout sessions with a personal trainer
  • Nutritional consulting to help you eat the right foods so you can lose weight & gain lean muscle
  • Food journal, grocery lists, and menus to keep you on track
  • Drop inches from your waist, thighs, and upper arms
  • Firm legs & butt
  • Flat belly
  • Drop 1-2 pants sizes
  • Lose body fat
  • Reduce fat and that “bloated” feeling
  • Build strength making every day activities seem easy
  • More energy than you’ve ever had before
  • Reach a level of fitness so you can do the things you never thought you could do
  • Get into your skinny jeans
  • More confidence than you’ve had in years!
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