Chelsey Lumpkin, Personal Trainer Raleigh, ACE, AFAA

Personal Trainer Bio:

Personal Trainer Raleigh

Certified Personal Trainer, ACE, AFAA

B.S. Exercise & Sport Science, Health and Fitness Specialist
CPR Certified, American Heart Association

Chelsey is passionate about educating and leading the general public toward balancing a healthy lifestyle. Chelsey is an effective personal trainer in Raleigh where she has been a leader in the health and fitness industry for over 8 years, and continues to educate and lead individuals in group training sessions as well as individual personal training sessions. Chelsey’s passion geared her towards obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree from ECU in the health and fitness field. Leading groups and individuals at a variety of wonderful places since then, including the beautiful island of St. Thomas, she is excited to bring her experience to Fit-Rollie. Chelsey enjoys leading and teaching functional fitness training, combining total-body movements in the style of high intensity interval circuit training with yoga type movements during active recovery. All focused on core, balance, and overall muscular strength and endurance.

Chelsey teaches you how to exercise correctly so you maximize your workout time and  accomplish your fitness goals.  She teaches you the correct form for your exercises and develops in you the will power to want to make fitness a life style. Chelsey’s clients see big improvements in strength, flexibility and overall health and wellness which makes her a top personal trainer.

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